Lord Jesus Christ Have Mercy — 9 Comments

  1. Maryleigh, the mercy of Jesus is something I want to remember every day. His gentleness towards me, His love. He overlooked all my offenses and drew near to me, giving me the courage to approach Him with boldness. Beautiful post, and prayer, to continue to think on – especially this week. Blessings to you and your family!

    • Each year, I believe I become even more amazed at what Jesus did for us! Resurrection Blessings to you and your family, too, Joanne!

  2. This was so wonderful. I often tell my husband and son that if Jesus were here in the flesh, I would do anything I had to do to get to Him! Nothing could keep me away, and I wouldn’t care how loud I had to cry out or who had a problem with it. My desperation to reach Him would override all else. And I surely understand that mother’s determination. You are so right, “A mother or father can be just as broken by a child’s suffering as the child itself.” Such true words, dear friend. You are such a blessing to me. I thank the Lord for you and your faithfulness to Him. Shalom!

  3. God’s mercy is so great and His love never ends. I love this prayer. Did you know Michael Card has a song about it? It’s called “A Breath of a Prayer” and can be found on YouTube:
    It would have been so wonderful to walk on the earth when Jesus was here. I’m so glad we still have His presence with us.
    The post I shared is something that happened when I was a child, but I know God was with me throughout the incident.
    Blessings to you! xo

    • I’d never heard of Michael Card, but just listened to the link you shared. It takes me back to the Catholic mass – the layer upon layer of scripture Card chose in his lyrics. Thank you for sharing the link. It’s a good companion to my post. I’m looking forward to reading your post – it sounds like God surely was with us in the hard of both our growing up! Shalom, my friend.

  4. Maryleigh, I so appreciate this deep dive into God’s mercy. And, your thoughts about the importance of humility in prayer. When I pause in my busyness long enough to really consider the horrible things Jesus endured . . . for me? Sometimes, I am undone. When I read of Jesus’ mercy on so many people when He walked the earth, I thank Him for the insights into His love. I am digesting all the beautiful truth you have shared in this post.

  5. Lots of food for thought here. I, too, like to put myself in the story and wonder what it would have been like to actually be there, hoping He would hear your pleas for mercy, hanging on His every word.

  6. The faith and persistence of this mother are amazing, and what lessons about passionate prayer we can learn from her. I sometimes “forget” to pray with that kind of desperation simply because I don’t have to physically go to find Jesus, and that is my mistake. Visiting from IMM today

  7. Maryleigh, may we always call out to Jesus and intentionally seek Him in our everyday. This is so beautiful. Pausing to reflect sweet friend. Thank you bunches for hosting.
    Visiting today from #5&6

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