Living Life After the Miracle and Muddy’s Kitchen Sink Cookies — 12 Comments

  1. Loved hearing your heart in between the words on the screen today. And those cookies seriously look amazing! Pinned to make very, very soon!

    • I have been so behind – If you’ve made the cookies, I hope you and yours enjoyed them as much as we have! Just made a batch for VBS this past week! Thanks so very much for stopping by and connecting! ~ Maryleigh

  2. Beautiful post about such memorable things. Glad for your life after the miracle…seems to always make us do life with more intention. Thanks for the cookie recipe! Yummy! And graduations to Caleb! I have a Caleb, too. He just turned 27. 🙂

    • Caleb is one of my 5 favorite names! I have a 27 year old, too – but he’s a Ben:) Thanks so much for stopping by – and connecting! (I’ve been so behind the last month)! Shalom in your Summer! ~ Maryleigh

  3. His pictures are so much better than any school pictures I’ve seen! He made a wise decision to let you do them. What a smart cookie – but of course, look who his mom is? And dad? And Keith reminds me of a song I like, “Look what the Lord has done!” Such a miracle season for all of us! Nan

    • I am looking forward to hearing about your miracles, Nan! BTW – there are a lot of wonderful mom-and-pop photography businesses that do a wonderful job – and I was willing to use them if he would smile for them (LOL) – He must have his dad’s frugelness because he did NOT want me to “waste” (his words) on a photographer – so he let me. I’m choosing to think he knowingly gave me a sweet gift under all the boy-won’t-smile-don’t-want-photos attitude! The Lord did great things for us – All is, indeed, well!

  4. I so enjoyed reading this post and your testimony of God’s goodness. Enjoy this special time in your lives!

    The cookies look yummy!

    The photos are awesome!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed your post – such a handsome graduate there:) I love his announcement. And I am definitely needing some of those cookies in my life. Like, today!

    • I hope if you tried the recipe, you and yours enjoyed! I made them this week for VBS Hospitality room! I’m so glad you like his announcement – so very glad he smiled for me! Boys and their smiles! LOL

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