Living a Lifestyle of Making Room at the Table for One More — 26 Comments

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  2. Loved this so much and wholeheartedly agree! “Making room at the table isn’t about showing ourselves off at our best. It’s about letting people come into our everyday ordinary…” Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #TeaAndWord.

  3. I just did a study of hospitality and discovered that it’s not about entertaining, but about doing just as you said here – making room for one more at the table. And the most beautiful thing is that it’s exactly what God did for each of us… I think it was Jesus who said… now go and do likewise! Thanks

  4. I love that phrase and idea–“everyday ordinary”–because that truly is where the most beautiful things take root, grow and thrive, Maryleigh. As usual, you have moved me to consider things from a very warm and gracious place, even though I don’t get to physically sit at your table. Still you have room for so many here at your blog! Love it and you, my friend!

  5. Oh you learned so many good lessons form others about hospitality and then applied them at your table. Letting others come to our imperfect tables is such a good way to let others into our lives and to form bonds with each other. It can be messy and hard, but so worth it.

  6. Always so important to give what we have and love. That is true hospitality. Thank you for these beautiful examples of serving as Christ did.

  7. Hello there Maryleigh. Thank you so much for your sweet message. It was a lovely surprise and sweet blessing. And what a great post this is… God has so worked in my heart on opening up our home to others. I read somewhere… hospitality isn’t about the size of your home (or how perfect it is) but about the size of your heart. And He has grown my heart to make room for people to gather. So much more I could say on this. Wish we could gather at a table together. That would be super lovely.
    Much love,Beth

  8. My grandmother used to say something similar. “It’s not about the room you have in your house, but about the room in your heart!” Thanks for sharing and for encouraging us to see it Jesus’ way. 🙂 Would love to join you!

  9. My story is similar–when my parents divorced, my grandparents made more room at their table for me as well. I think God is telling me to invite people over more often in 2018 through your post. Blessings to you!

    • What stories we could tell of the impact of our grandparents, I bet! Did you know that a woman’s longevity is related to feeling/being needed? I believe that’s why my grandmother lived to be 94. What a beautiful 2018 you will have – making room for more at your table! Shalom, Sarah! ~ Maryleigh

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  13. I love this! My grandparents were such good examples for me growing up. My grandfather loved to talk to people and invite them home for dinner. After they spent time with my grandparents, they often accompanied them to church. I can’t tell you how many people came to know Jesus through their example of making room at the table. Thank you for sharing.

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