Little Foxes in a Holy Spirit Rain — 29 Comments

  1. beautiful and perfect! yes, i too, want to sit with you on that porch in that rocker 😉 i have talked to my husband about moving to TN–we live in MS. he says, maybe one day. i love how you ask the holy spirit to fill the highs and lows of your soul–yes, Father, let it be for me as well. new words for my prayer, indeed.

    thanks for stopping over at sixinthesticks–i left you a reply there. have a blessed weekend!

    btw–is it better to reply to post comments on your own blog after their comment, or to go to the blog of the comment owner and leave a note/reply? i have seen people do this differently. i have no “reply” section on my blog–not sure why, but there is no place for that, so i just have to comment back. i think you’ve been doing this a lot longer, so just wondering 😉

  2. Oh how lovely! I felt just like I was there and how I envied the rain. I watch our land dry out more daily. But it’s your references to the little foxes and welcoming filling by the Holy Spirit that really resonated with me. It’s a daily prayer for me that I be filled with the Holy Spirit. So full that only He shines through. Your verses comforted me and gave me new words for my prayers. I pray His blessings on you today! Smiles –

  3. I absolutely love how you intermingle scripture verses with your writing. It just draws it all together. I want to sit in your rocking chair – then again, I’ve LOVE some rain right now. Great words from the heart – you painted amazing pictures – I can see you dancing in the rain with your then 2 year old!

  4. I love what you wrote:
    “I wanted to be filled, filled like Peter with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, filled so much he never faltered again in his mission.”

    That is my heart’s desire. I’m so tired of allowing the seeming giants in my life to take my eyes off of what God has for me. A friend wrote to me to bloom where I’m planted.

    Thank you for writing from your heart. You blessed me with your words.


  5. Maryleigh
    To be honest, posts like this one are what I love most on your blog. Posts where you open up your heart and allow us to have a glimpse of what is really happening there. The cry of your heart… the verses you quoted are all beautiful ones. Psalm 65:9-10 is just so appropriate.

    The prayer is so beautiful.

    I still can’t get over the fact that you are back in Tennessee. Now that you are back in the home that you love, it seems that your heart is ready to move forward again…


  6. Hi, i found your blog through emily’s imperfect prose. This is such wonderful writing, You seem to feel every moment, pause and reflect deeper than just a glance. I love your writing and thankyou for your comment on my words

  7. What a beautiful post–I especially love the image of you dancing with your two-year-old in the rain, and how vivid that memory still is to you today. I appreciate so much your encouraging words on my blog this weekend–I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said about “walking the ‘in the now’ path” and I realize that is EXACTLY what causes my discontentment to crop up–when I start to worry about whether or not the decision to move to Germany was the right one (I KNOW it was the right one, I just second-guess it all the time) and when I look too far ahead and wonder when/what it will be that we can go back “home” to the US. Today is today, and I must simply walk in that–and dance with MY toddlers in the rain! THANK YOU!

  8. and i wonder if i’ve ever known “crucifixion courage.” what a beautiful post you’ve shared with us. i want to be filled with it all. thank you.

  9. oh friend, i love this glimpse into your life, into your heart, and the prayer to let the holy spirit rain on us… yes, i need this refreshing today. thank you.

  10. I feel like you’ve given us this sacred and vulnerable glimpse into your family and world, my friend. I resonate with your desire to be filled to the brim and overflowing with God’s Spirit. I need it now too–awaiting those days of hot summer when I’ll be parched and thirsty. Thanks for splashing up a visual feast and an emotional downpour! Love having you at Wedded Wed too! 🙂

  11. It’s been raining ever since summer break began here, and I was just grumbling about that tonight as I picked up toys INSIDE instead of outside where we would like to be playing- but your prayer, your appreciation for the rain, your heart here makes me want to step outside now and soak myself in all those puddles and drops. THANK YOU for the beautiful glimpse into your life and your heart. And thanks for stopping by the Overflow today- I totally agree with your summer philosophy. I have grown to LOVE the gaps; the time to just BE, time to let spontaneous ideas erupt, and time to press through “boredom” into creativity. Just yesterday I looked out the window (in between rainstorms) and my middle daughter was building a “hut” with wood pieces and blankets. She had three brown baby dolls slung across her hip in a self-invented “snuggly” (made with a belt and a ripped up crib sheet) and she was pretending to haul water in a bucket on her head. When I asked what she was playing, she just simply said, “Africa” 🙂 Ahh.. summer. Wishing you a sweet season with your boys and more of the Spirit. May that He rain on us all!

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