Little Ears, Little Voices, A Little Bit of Blessing — 10 Comments

    • I love the daily prayer’s in the God’s Minute daily prayer book. It’s first publication date was in 1916 – right in the middle of World War I – thinking about the challenges families faced in that time gives these prayers a deeper layer to know what they’ve sprung from!

    • Autumn is my favorite season – it soothes my spirit in a way no other does. My boys so enjoyed those calzone/pizza rolls! The chicken-artichoke heart ones were so very good, too!

    • Jennifer, Remembering what He has done for me during the week. For the last couple of years, that has been what His word seems to have said over and over – You have forgotten me is written so many times in the old testament; He wants us to remember – the big and the little things, the “history” and the now! The gratitude prayer is from God’s Minute printed first in 1916 – what moms and dads, sons and daughters were going through at that time produced these prayers that mean so much to me in 2020.

    • Yes! I’m in a crazy cycle right now – so much going on – but the stopping for gratitude is a sweet, slow spot in my week! So thankful for the motivation and energy He gave me to make those calzones – my boys may not realize it, but without God helping me, there wouldn’t have been any calzones.

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