Life-Gets-Sweeter-Daily Gazpacho — 18 Comments

  1. Maryleigh,
    What a wonderful way to share your story woven in with how your recipe for cucumbers blossomed and changed over the years…it is encouraging to see how you continue to seek Him and find Him through all the different parenting seasons…thank you, sweet friend 🙂

  2. How did you turn a post on food into a beautiful piece about life? Oh, how I’d love to sit at your table. Or ROW to your garden!

  3. I adore the glimpse of your life I see in this post! And the recipe looks AMAZING!!! Also, I’m going to have to steal this phrase “regeneration changes”–LOVE IT!!!

  4. I knew I liked you: cucumber salad and Teresa of Avila. wow what a tasty blog post! I am rereading Interior Castle and slowly digesting it this summer. IT was a significant read for me last year and I want to revisit it again. blessings!

  5. Sounds like you are an amazing gardener and cook, my friend. I love cucumbers too but, I must say, I’ve never had gazpacho. Sounds like something I must try!

    I’m in the same season of life it seems as you and I love the way you weave your life events in and out of the metaphors for your garden and your soup. You’re serving us something savory today even without me getting to taste your yummy soup! Thanks for the lovely taste of summer!

  6. Beautiful! I loved when you said, “I was determined not to let my life be defined by the heart-ache in the challenge.” I need to remember that and cling to the cross in those challenging, bone-weary moments when I have no strength of my own. What an extraordinary reminder that was exactly what I needed to hear tonight! Thank you for sharing at Saturday Soiree Blog Party! It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to connect with you there next week. Btw- I am your latest follower!

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