Muddy’s Lavender-Pumpkin Scones & Faith Mixing — 29 Comments

    • Not too much pumpkin – just bursts of pumpkin that contrast surprisingly well with the lavender. Thanks so much for stopping by Tai!

    • Some people run. Some paint. We all have different ways of working through a challenge. I bake! God met me in the Lavender-Pumpkin Scones and helped me work out the inside stuff that needed working out! Thank you, Paula!

  1. Maryleigh, so glad you’ve been finding rest in all your activities! I so loved your line: “Just mixing faith in the steps of the daily,” because I believe you have captured the Lord’s will for all of us. Living out our faith as we daily occupy until He comes.

    So thankful to hear your family is thriving in the midst of all this!

    • Resting in Faith, friend but living intentionally in the now. Walking that trust out takes intentionality – or I start slipping down a fearful slope. Praising God that He is here with me, with you – with each of us!

    • The sweetness of a child’s heart is healing balm to so many challenges! Thank you for being and Aaron and Hur.

  2. Hello, my sweet friend. This sounds so wonderful. I did not know you could buy lavender to use in a recipe. But I am ready to join you for a tea-scone moment. : ). I love the way your words wove in and out with your thoughts and recipes and faith. The Word of God perfectly paints the picture so well. I just posted for the first time after this two month hiatus to move. I am in and settling. I also love it here in Western Colorado. I love you, Maryleigh.

    • I am so glad you are settling into your new home! I look forward to God’s plans for you in this new place! I am ready for you to join with for tea and scones, too! One day, friend!

    • What a good name for scones – Touch-Me-Not Scones! LOL I am hoping I have another stretch of cleaning and organizing sooner than later!

  3. Maryleigh, this entire post is just beautiful, speaking sweetly to my soul. In the last few days, Hebrews 4:2 has crossed my path and here it was yet again. Praying for you and your hubby as you navigate these days. And Henry’s prayer made me cry – oh the sweetness of a child’s prayer! I so appreciate the reminder to mix the Word and faith into my daily occurrences, for I so desire each day to capture “a rest of grace, and comfort, and holiness.”

    • Navigate is the right word. It was so much easier to get quicker answers and follow-up appointments pre-covid. We got into the heart doctor within the week – but the stroke clinic and the family doctor is taking 6 weeks to two months to get in – to get answers on what post-stroke will look like. It’s left us dismayed but mixing our faith into the daily and trusting!

  4. Maryleigh, I love coming to your blog. Even in the midst of activity, events, cleaning! Your words speak calm reassurance, gratefulness, faith and love for our Savior. I have had a hectic time and dealing with some turmoil, but today I rested here, and plan to sit with this a bit longer, for my soul is refreshed with your words. Not to mention the lavender scones-I love cooking with lavender from my garden, I make a wonderful lavender shortbread and a provence chicken dish!

    • Your lavender shortbread and provence chicken sound so intriguing! Praying rest in the turmoil. We are learning to rest in trust – and it’s hard some days, especially as it relates to long waits for appointments just to discover what post-stroke living is about. When the worry starts creeping in, I know I need time with our Father, to remind myself to mix my faith!

  5. I appreciate the way you write, Maryleigh. It feels like a walk down a country lane. So refreshing!

    Thank you for this, “Just mixing faith in the steps of the daily. Believing, Trusting that God has the “All is Well” Plan (2 Kings 4:26).”

    I think it is so cute how your grandson, Henry, calls you Muddy. And his prayer after Pawpaw’s prayer was just precious!

    • Hi Lisa, Muddy was my great-grandmother’s name – I love that I get to use it with these grands. God’s all-is-well plan might not look like we envision, but He has the Best plans! Thanks so much for stopping by my place here and leaving such kind words! Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

  6. I never would have thought of mixing lavender and pumpkin! But these sound and look delish! Those waiting, mixing, preparing times can be so difficult. May you feel the Holy Spirit’s comfort.

    • Thank you, Anita! I receive that! We had a woman’s morning at church where one lady taught us how to make Fall Crafts – and I taught how to make scones. Our speaker talked about the five senses – and apparently, men just adore the smell of lavender and pumpkin – so I thought I’d see what I could come up with in a scone! I can’t say my husband has been bedazzled with the five sensory offering, but it has been a hit with those who’ve had one!

  7. “I’m still practicing mixing faith into the batter of my week, to rest in Him, to Trust.” Life is so much about mixing. I’m a scone lover, so yum. Haven’t yet made pumpkin scones.

    • The beauty of this pumpkin scone is that you can taste the plain scone, the pumpkin pie bites, and the lavender – both separately and at times together, not over-whelmingly one mono-flavor throughout. Yet, with faith-mixing, we want it infused throughout in a more holistic way!

  8. Maryleigh, I love the gentle cadence of your words. Your descriptions of baking and fall cleaning make me wish I was in a season where I could set everything else aside and just focus on these two activities. Thanks for the reminder to let faith mix into my days. These scones sound sooooo yummy!

  9. Such a poetic post. I appreciated the reminder to lean into God’s grace and trust Him to bring it all together into something beautiful and tasty. Thank you for the recipes to allow us to be creative through the process.

    • He brings it all together beautifully; I just need to let Him. If you try the recipe, let me know how you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for coming by!

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