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  1. Yes, my friend, we will never understand on this side of eternity what our
    Lord Jesus gave up to become a man, but like the Bible says that God’s thoughts are so much higher than ours and we only see dimly until we finally go home!
    Blessings XX

    • Through our tent-worm challenges, we grow closer to Him – if we allow. Through His great challenge, He allowed a way for us to grow close to Him – for our challenges to be the fire that reshapes us into His image. Thank you for coming by Mia! Wishing you blessings this week!

    • Oh, yes – I am so glad you saw the peace and hope that comes of these tent worm challenges! There are so many heart-breaking challenges in our community – and sometimes in ourselves – it is reminders of hope and peace that bring us through! Thank you for coming by – wishing you moments of hope and peace this week!

    • Thank you for coming by Joanne – so glad I made you think. One of the things I enjoy about poetry is you can just lay your heart right out there, opened up – and not have to give specifics – but somehow it becomes universal – when the heart is involved.

    • Yes – there is a tension – isn’t there – in the challenge – the pain and rawness of it – and that tension is what causes us to pull on Him, to bring Him in to it. What you took away from this has opened my eyes even more to the relationship of the challenge and our need for Him.

    • When God equipped us, He gave us the gospel, and the Holy Spirit and His son – and they never stop working or need new parts or go out of style – He gave us the best to get through the hard moments. Thank you for coming by and leaving sweet encouragement!

  2. Inspired writing.

    Love this especially:
    “but there was
    God’s kind of good
    in the unfairness of Christ’s death:
    salvation for all mankind
    The great I am is
    the hope message”

    • There have been a lot of heart challenges for folks in our community – and without God it seems so unfair. So much in life could be stamped as unfair, not right, why-things – but when I realized how Christ experienced the greatest unfairness – it allows me to believe something good can come out of every challenge. Thank you for coming by Lisa and your encouraging words!

  3. Oh, this is just beautiful. Beautiful art. And I’m thinking about the ways poetry and other art helps us make sense of the hardest things.

    • Sometimes logic just doesn’t work. I cannot really paint – but poetry allows us to paint a picture with emotion etched in it that reveals the workings of the heart – exactly like you said it “helps us make sense of the hardest things.” Thank you for coming by – you always bring a gift of sweet encouragement!

  4. There’s so much that I love about this post. First of all, your prose about God’s love and hope to us all is just beautiful, Maryleigh! And that photo – so spectacular! Then the version of that Bible verse is so powerful and graphic. Is it the Message version? Thanks so much for sharing all of these aspects with us, my friend. So inspiring!

    • Thanks for coming by Beth – and yes, it is The Message translation – and the photo was an early morning walk in Williamsburg in October a definite Hope moment to the hungry sparrow of my heart!

    • Thank you Nannette for coming by and bringing such kind words with you! This poem/post came out of a very challenging situation in my son’s community – a challenge where the prayer is that only things of God take root in the midst of that challenge. Our hearts have ached and hoped in faith – and faith is winning! Sometimes poetry allows me/us to say things logic cannot! Wishing you sweet blessings this weekend:)

  5. Love the poem & pic Maryleigh! We’ve had problems with Borers in our older trees in our yard, that have now sadly killed the trees 😬.
    I worked a way to connect even if one photo is upside down for some unknown reason, 😂

  6. I can see those little critter hanging from our trees in South Texas, devouring…devouring! But the Good News overpowers all no matter what it looks like on the surface. And that Sparrow got a meal too!

  7. This is beautiful. It’s a reminder that God is multi-faceted. He allows the devouring in our lives. But He is the One who also restores and refreshes. Because Jesus was (temporarily) devoured by death, God raised Him, which gives us hope in the times when we feel devoured as well. Loved your thoughts here!

  8. I too found beauty here, Maryleigh, and also encouragement. Praise God He is good all the time, just like the old chorus says. Even when tent worms seek to destroy, they cannot interfere with God’s love for us or His presence with us!

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