Hobby Faith Thoughts in a Hobby Garden — 8 Comments

  1. My, I would take your tomato harvest any time! LOL! It looks amazingly bountiful. I miss the days we had two acres and my dear, sweet husband planted such a huge garden each year. Oh, the busyness of those days! Our sweet son was growing up then, we were homeschooling, and life was full. It is still full for the three of us, but in a different way now. As I look back on those days and compare them to now, my heart is so full of gratefulness to the dear Lord for ALL He has done for us and ALL He has brought us through. I praise Him that we are all still alive and in as good of health as we are, and as you so gently reminded in this post, I remember Him and His wonders. He has made Himself so real in our lives, and I have never loved Him more. I hope you are doing well, my friend. Shalom.

    • Oh, Cheryl, I wish that was my harvest this year. This seems a year where I must be doing it all wrong and awkward. I’m trying new things and my garden is suffering for it. However, my grands pull off the snap peas, taste the chocolate mint – I say it’s like a small petting zoo – but with food! LOL Even in the all-wrongness of my growing – He is there, though. I am grateful for the lessons He teaches me in the trying. Shalom, Cheryl. ~ Maryleigh

  2. Standing in the garden along with you today and taking in the life lessons—and the sunshine. I am learning to say “good enough “ this year. Pulling witch grass while I pick lettuce is pretty messy but it doesn’t effect the flavor one bit!🤣

    • You are such an attentive gardner – probably more a Master Gardner than I am. Lettuce in my garden is a fairly new item. I’m getting the hang of it. Our faith growing is like that – isn’t it – faith growing in the weeds? Oh, how we need to prune those weeds that want to crowd out the faith. You are right – the weeds don’t affect the flavor one bit!

  3. Humm… A hobby Christian. You know, that kinda fit me when I was a lukewarm Christian before my total surrender to him. I feel like a garden that is being pruned and cultivated by God, feeding me and giving me living water so that I can mature in him. As far as plants, I kill everything… But I’ve been wanting to get a few low-light house plants to “try.” I love to sit and be still awe-ing at His creations in other people’s gardens. This is such a lovely lesson today Maryleigh.
    {{hugs}} xo

  4. I love the lessons that God teaches through gardening! So many lessons and so many prayers He brought to me while on my knees working in the soil. It’s my soul that is on my knees now, while my physical kneeling years are past. But He’s still bringing the lessons! Blessings to you dear sister.

  5. gardening continues to teach us so many lessons, illustrates what we’re discovering about ourselves, our Savior, the world. i really appreciate your perspective here, Maryleigh …

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