Harvesting the Limelights — 18 Comments

  1. Oh thank you so much for sharing these thoughts and photos today. In 2 days, my dear friend who gave me the gift of gardening her hydrangeas with her will be selling her home and garden. I am so very grateful that God caused me to pause and still with her, to receive the gifts of His presence there between us in the middle of her beautiful hydrangeas. You have brought such tears to my eyes today. Thank you and blessings to you, dear Maryleigh.

    • Gardening is so much more than gardening, Bettie – it’s relationship, it’s remembrance of those we love and God’s love for us, and friendship! Blessings and peace to you during this change, friend! ~ Maryleigh

    • There’s blessing in those slow down and stop moments, even in the snapping of the beans! I bet it’s sweet memory with your grandma! ~ Maryleigh

    • Yes! It’s all about relationship – relationship leading to God! Thanks for stopping by in the limelights! ~ Maryleigh

  2. It has taken me way too long to learn that the chance encounter, the interruption, the unexpected visitor are all God’s appointments for me, the main part of what He wants me to attend to that day. He always took time to stop and listen to people, to hear and meet their deepest need. I’m sorry to say I haven’t, but hopefully past failures can be fuel for future changes.

    • I used to think that when God opened my eyes to something He wanted me to understand, even to do, I always panicked because I thought I was behind – I should have known – why didn’t I know? And I felt like I was failing – but then He made me realize that I am not behind – I have arrived to the realization at the right time with more than enough time to complete the task He’s given me. I was never behind at all. . . . I cannot tell you the pressure and the censure that were lifted from me when I realized that!

  3. Beautiful thoughts. Building relationships that go deep requires time and energy, but it is really has eternal value. Your hydrangeas are stunning! When dried, I like the limelights best of all.

    • I think God wants us to go deep for the lost – to use what time and energy we can muster – I know the older I get the more energy is something I need to be intentional to use and not squander. Hydrangeas are pure grace flowers – they bloom and bloom all summer long, giving the most beautiful – and are happy to give them away for the house and for friends! I’m always thrilled when the blue stays blue in the drying, though!

    • I think it’s a certain type of hydrangea you don’t cut back – but the newfangled blue ones (are they newfangled?) – just wow! My husband cut them back – to my dismay – last year and it grew bigger than ever – less blossoms, though, but still plenty.

    • My gardening this year has resulted in a lot of fails – but those limelights – God left me a message in those! He leaves a message in everything! I just need to listen!

  4. I’m very late to this party, but this post helped me to breathe deep. Having always been a city girl, it’s been tricky to learn how to not let “busy” consume still moments God’s crafted for me. This here resonated: “God doesn’t deal in acquaintance; He’s a God of intimacy,…” He does want to know how we are. I loved how you brought this a step further in sharing how when we lay out our honest thoughts and heart-struggles with Him, He’s able to do the weeding and refining within us.

    I love your flowers. I never knew limelights were called that. 🙂 (See? City-girl!).

    • I am still learning how not to let busy consume still moments, but at least I recognize that I do and that I need to change that. I’m kind of a city girl, but I’ve been in small town America for quite a while – and just love all the flower and plant names – still learning myself! Can anyone really ever be too late at a party? Thanks for stopping by!

    • It’s so important to go beneath the “Hi – How are you doing” – and discover people’s hearts! I think God wants us to connect that way – to grow our hearts for others to go deep to what’s real! Shalom, Anita!!! ~ Maryleigh

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