God’s Promptings for Our Good (and the good of those we know nothing about) — 3 Comments

  1. Maryleigh, I read this post several times over the course of the day as it was exactly what I needed today. The last few days I have been seeing how the Lord has been going before me in the most ordinary and yet, blessed of ways. This >> “God is with us before we even know we need a miracle.” Amen! Merry Christmas, and thank you for encouraging me today!

  2. This is a beautiful testimony, Maryleigh, “God knew before we did that I would need to be busy like that, surrounded by friendship growing and my boys.” And He kept your husband safe for a whole year! Amazing! May you have a loving, grace-filled, peaceful Christmas!

  3. Maryleigh, this is beautiful. I could picture your gathering of friends making and decorating cookies. God knew that he was going to have you invite friends over to be a blessing through a stressful and nerve-wracking time.
    Merry Christmas dear friend!

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