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  1. Feed my lambs… I find this to be such a beautiful, tender picture of the assignment Jesus gave us through Peter. So much work to be done in this area… thank you for what you do, and others like you. A tiny spark put together becomes a huge flame. May you be encouraged, and others be encouraged through you. Blessings, Lidia

  2. This is the greatest work in the World–to feed His sheep, to witness the Words of God, to help those who can’t help themselves, to tell others about God’s great Love! Putting the welfare of others before our own is a blessing not only to them, but for us as well!

    Blessings as you continue in your love and compassion with M.O.M. ♥

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  4. What a blessing to have you LINK – up with Daring Daughters with such a beautiful post about loving an orphan child through Compassion — It’s wonderful to meet you!!!

    Ann Dunagan

  5. You’re so right that serving close to home can be harder, but at the same time it can be so rewarding to invest in the community that is right here. Thank you for these brave, encouraging words. So glad you linked up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

  6. That quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes made me pause a moment. It actually stung a bit, because it made me think of all the mistakes I have made. That burden is big to consider, but thankfully Grace can sweep away that chaff and burn brightly in their hearts. Thankfully, as mommas we can love through the mess ups, cause, ” …love covers a multitude of sins…”. I have had the privilege to tutor teenagers for the last 6 years as they are learning Algebra, American Lit, History, and Science. It has been such an experience, but what you said.. the pushing back so that we can see them, you are right. They are daring us to look past the false they wear, or maybe even the window dressings they put up to see the real them and they are asking, in a way, ‘Do you accept me?’. I will tell you there are days when the grace is easier to give to the teens that don’t carry my DNA. Yet, when we do, we show them love for the churched who can be difficult along with the unchurched who sometimes can be more loving. It shouldn’t be so, but sometimes it is.Again, we can learn the power of grace and the beauty of His immeasurable love through all these lessons we walk through together. As hard as it is, it is such a gift. Your words reminded me of that much needed truth today.

    Thanks for the reminder to look at the mission field right in front of our eyes and see the prayer possibilities for miracles to manifest by His grace.

  7. This is a powerful piece – one that encourages and equips, to open our eyes to see not the limitations, but the boundless opportunities that await for us as God calls us to them.

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