Falling Stars & Whispers — 7 Comments

    • That goodness that has come – oh what an undeserving gift! How glad I am God loves us so!

  1. Oh, what an incredible moment when God breaks thru like that into our days! Thank you for sharing your God-moment with all of us. I needed this so much today–to be reminded of my own moments when He broke thru into my uncertainties. May we lift our hearts together to Him!

    • Thank you, Bettie! Sometimes shared moments are such vulnerable moments, but it is in our vulnerabilities that God reveals himself.

  2. What a beautiful demonstration of God’s love that He shared with you! I hope He gives you the insight you need. Time spent at His feet is never wasted. Shalom to you!

  3. What a beautiful heart moment from God, Maryleigh! Thank you for sharing this precious moment as I feel the Father-Daughter hug all the way through the internet. 🙂

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