Eye Twinkling — 21 Comments

  1. Something to anticipate and NOT something to argue about. I wish that the joy I am finding in your experience and your description of it could be the norm for conversation on end times.

    • Michele, I’d never even thought of it that way before. I’d only thought of it with trepidation, darkness. God’s whisper has totally changed my perspective!

  2. What a blessing the Lord gave you and how precious of you to share this with us! Twinkling….great thing to consider for such times as these. Certainly He is closer than we think!

    • In a twinkly, Lauren, we will be caught up in joy! It makes me think of how a well loved child is caught up by their father!

    • It was like God saying, “I’ve got this. You’re going to love it. Just keep on. Don’t give up.”

    • When I think about this season, Joanne, I also think about the harvest ready to be brought into the storehouse. Praying don’t get so focused on the world falling apart and neglect those that need saving. I pray we leave no one behind.

  3. Maryleigh, somehow I always think about the “flying up” part of the Rapture. But, wow. What a thing to consider one millisecond we’re here, and the next, we’re in Heaven. It’s glorious to ponder what that will be like. I’m thankful to be His, but I’ve also been thinking more about those I know who aren’t . . . yet. Thanks for the reminder that we know not the day or the hour.

    • Jeanne, I remember how important it was to get the hay in after it was cut – before the rains came and ruined it. I feel like that now – that we need to rush to bring the harvest in before time runs out! Then, we can rest, we can celebrate. What a promise, though, to hope in!

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