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  1. Maryleigh, your photos are stunning! This post is powerful. This question >> “How often do we settle into the shadows of our faith experiencing only a fraction of the blessing when our Savior has provided the whole?” I fear sometimes I do miss all God has for me. This >> “The third message was that sometimes we need the insight of others to see the blessings God has given us.” Amen! I’m grateful God places people in my life to help me see more of Him and today He used you!

    • Praying we both see the blessings and the messages within the blessings, Joanne! The photos were an amazing blessing from God! I never expected a Hawk! What a God of surprises we have!

  2. What a beautiful way to capture God’s heart and our needed response, Maryleigh. He is so kind to us, “A reliable God meets us in our expectations. In the meeting, though, how He fulfills those expectations is often not what we expected, but ever so much better and exactly what our hearts really wanted, though our minds did not know.”

    • The God who walked with Adam and Eve in the evening in the garden is the same kind God who meets us in our walks, in our expectations. He is such a worthy God!

    • Thank you, Carlie – every day – He sends us blessings! Every day, my friend! What an amazing Father!

  3. Maryleigh, what a profound message. I am pondering all you’ve shared. I have too many thoughts to try to put to words right now. Thank you for allowing the Lord to speak to me through your words. And your photos . . . wowowow. They are stunning. It’s kind of amazing when God prompts an animal to just stay put so we can enjoy them and hear from Him. He did that with a butterfly for me this summer. 🙂

    • Butterflies are such beautiful message carriers – and to capture them on a camera – what a gift from God! So many beautiful layers to the messages He sends us!

  4. Your photos are so beautiful. Amazing how this bird coped with one leg. And I love how you said, “How often do we settle into the shadows of our faith experiencing only a fraction of the blessing when our Savior has provided the whole?” Wow! That’s something good to reflect on. It’s been years since I visited Williamsburg, VA. Such a lovely and historic town. Visiting from Tell His Story.

    • Karen, I’ve been trying to figure out if he can catch a mouse with one leg – and, if he has learned to balance in that effort – or if he is now a vegan? He looks quite healthy, so however he is coping is successful! This was our second trip to Williamsburg – and God had so many surprises in store!

  5. I love your story and photos! I often go out taking pictures expecting God to give me a special message through the photos he gives me in nature. I could easily imagine being in your shoes as I read this! I love how your husband helped you receive the message and how you learned from that. Beautiful…

    • God never fails to meet us when we set out to meet Him! After 39 years of marriage, I have learned to value and listen, also, to the wisdom and insight of my husband – and what an impact that makes, too! How good is our God!

  6. I need to sit and watch hawks more often. They are magnificent creatures. If you hadn’t invited me to slow down and look, I would have missed that this hawk was missing a leg. Love this: “How many opportunities do we miss because we feel greedy to step into God’s more?” Thanks for your beautiful reflections, Maryleigh. They always touch me.

    • I’m so glad you slowed down and looked! Thank you for your kind encouragement! Shalom, friend! ~ Maryleigh

  7. Maryleigh, great job! This is a wonderful post that spoke to me on so many levels. First, I loved this line: “How many opportunities do we miss because we feel greedy to step into God’s more?” Love the phrase, “God’s more.” He has more for me? More than I’ve imagined? More than my highest ambition? More than I deserve? (That’s actually the crux of the matter.)

    Then, don’t know if you were being prophetic, but how did you know I needed to read this TODAY? “I don’t always see what needs seeing.” We need the insight of others because it really is how God made us. Each one sees things from a perspective I don’t have, and then when it is shared (like in a blog post) I am richer for having my eyes opened. The writer is blessed because she shared. And God smiles because His children are helping one another.

    Thank you!

    • Oh, Jerralea, you’ve made me weepy – I love how you have advanced the discussion – Yes! More than we’ve imagined. More than our highest ambition – though whatever it is – whether to the world’s view or ours – the designed fulfillment fills us more than our highest ambition. Always more than we deserve! We are each so blessed with how we encourage each other! Thank you, my friend! Bless you!

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