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  1. Can I just say again, How much I love you, and your sweet blog and words of constant encouragement??? Seriously… you amaze me.


  2. My favourite verse is Colossians 3:23 – In all that you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not for men…

    We don’t work our hardest to please the teachers that we listened in class, not to prove that we understood, it’s to give glory to God for the skills that he has given us. My boys are learning a bit of chatechism at the moment and although it’s not in the kids catechism we started them on “What is man’s chief end? -To glorify God and enjoy Him forever” Everything we do should be for God’s glory… how many times a day do I need to be reminded of that? Why can’t I get it through my head?
    Thanks for another reminder.

  3. You know I am the worlds worst to get comfy and kinda quit trying! Thanks for this post I think I needed to hear (or well read) it! Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to hear more from you soon!

  4. I totally agree… we all have a purpose & a reason for our life… but yes, we still represent CHRIST & Christians in general… we need to hold tight to that always…

    & its so hard for young ones & high school & college kids to REALLY hang onto that… the different challenges we all face during each stage of life.

  5. Hi Maryleigh,
    Thank you for putting your heart into the way you write your posts. This was another good one. I totally agree with everything you said. Work ethic is sadly missing from many young Christians (and even “old” ones!) today, so that all their good intentions at winning souls for Christ become pathetic, feeble attemps and puts the name of Jesus to shame.

    How would it be if we Christians lived the way the early disciples did as described in the book of Acts?

    The Noah Webster definition of Education is so all encompassing, it should be on the desk of every teacher, (and every mother!) in this world.

    By the way there is something that I don’t agree with, that if you had another child he or she would be illiterate and would drown. You’re just saying that, but in my heart I know that if you had been given one more child, that child would be just as well taken care of as the rest!

    Have a great and promising school year ahead of you!


    • Hi Lidj,

      I was speaking in jest! I know that if I had one or 10 more children, they would swim, read, and raised with the same ferver with the others! Teaching to read or write makes my head spin, but reading and teaching about ideas, well I could do that all day long with gusto! Thanks for such encouragement. It blesses me:)

  6. Hi! I did not know what your name was. but, Lidj called you Marleigh. So I am assuming that is your name. I like to call people by their name when I comment. It makes it seem more personal and friendly. And I feel like that is what this blogging thing is all about, making blogging friends across the world.
    I absolutely loved this post. I feel like it is such confirmation to me about how I attempt to raise my children. I love what you said, “God gives us gifts….In order to take that gift to the next level, work ethic needs to be applied.” I have spoken this same truth many times, but it was nice to be reminded at the beginning of this new school year.
    God bless you in this new school year and thank you for writing this!

  7. My goodness, you are moving? You are not alone. I’ve noticed a few bloggers moving. That has to be difficult and right when school is starting. I can’t imagine moving after living here for 15 years. All the stuff I have collected that I don’t need…UGH!

    This post was really good advice. I need to encourage my kids to do their very best. Just because I’m not so good with math doesn’t mean they can’t be.

    And in all kinds of things. Thanks.

    I’m glad you are accepting the True Heart Award. Enjoy passing it along to your other blogging friends.

    You do share so honestly and from the heart and you give good advice.

    Take care & I’ll pray for you as you move.


  8. This was such a great post! Great advice for a lot of things! My son is still young, but I know there will be challenging times ahead once he starts school (I hate to even think about him going to school… sniff!). I hope we can deal with problems as gracefully as you. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. In my opinion, muffin tin meals would be fun for any age. I bet you could even put a big muffin tin out with different little snacks at a Superbowl party or something, and everyone would think it is so fun! Just put some of your teens’ favorites in each muffin cup. Maybe chips and dips, mini sausages, cheese cubes, fruit and veggies, etc. Check out Michelle’s blog at Her Cup Overfloweth. She has some really cute ideas for muffin tin meals. I’m still kind of a newbie. 😉

  9. I don’t know that I’ve ever been as convicted as when the guy I liked confronted me about my poor attendance in a class we had together. I thought I was fine because I was still under the absence-limit, but he reminded me that I was an ambassador of Christ to an unbelieving professor. Ouch.

  10. What a great post! I love that you write from your heart and it shows in your post! Those are the blogs that stick around…because they are real!!!

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