Do You Ever Wonder: Lessons Learned from Rebecca — 5 Comments

  1. Wow! This touches my heart. I’ve often wondered that about Rebekah–whether she told Isaac what God told her. All of us leave a string of failures in our wake. But I am SO thankful God redeems them. The older our kids get. the more hands-off we have to be. But we seek grace to trust that He loves them even more than we do and is continually working in their lives.

    • Rejoice with thankfulness along with you that He loves us and our kiddos more than we even know how to! And that He never gives up! Wishing you blessing in this advent season, Barbara! ~ Maryleigh

  2. Amen! Oh the temptation to make it happen! I believe we often fall into this! Great post Maryleigh!
    Like you I’m so glad for His redeeming plans for us & our loved ones, despite our impatient but often well meaning meddling in those plans! 😉

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