Deliberately Living Mercy — 14 Comments

  1. Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy
    (Lord have mercy, echoes choir).
    It’s messed up, my friends desert me
    and I feel the sulphur-fire.
    Lord have patience, wait a bit,
    I really truly got this down,
    and I swear I ain’t gonna quit
    ’cause I can’t bear to see You frown.
    Lord, pretend You did not see
    all the ways I failed today.
    It’s just in my fam’ly tree,
    and I have to find a way
    to tie up these ends so loose
    that I need offer no excuse.

    • I am so glad the Lord does have the patience, the mercy, and that He ties up those loose ends! I’m blessed today that you left your poetry here, Andrew! Shalom!

  2. I love this, Maryleigh. What a great reminder to choose forgiveness and mercy, and that we need mercy to even do that.
    Kath, your FMF neighbour at #6 this week.

  3. There’s something so positive and focused about doing life and faith and love deliberately. Not on automatic pilot or half-heartedly. Thank you for this food for thought, friend … a rich feast indeed.

  4. Lovely poem Maryleigh and an important reminder to keep our hearts deliberately tuned in to God’s heart, thoughts and ways and not defiled by our own. Thank you. Blessings, Dawn #20

  5. Your plea for compassion and your desire to choose conscious forgiveness and unconditional love resonate deeply. It’s a powerful reminder that healing and filling those spaces with God’s intentional grace can help mend the pain, offense, and swelling we may experience.

    I truly appreciate your vulnerability and the way you’ve expressed these profound thoughts. May your journey towards conscious forgiveness and embracing God’s grace be filled with compassion, understanding, and profound growth.

    With gratitude,

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