Christmas Truffles — 7 Comments

  1. YUMMY!! Is there anything better than sugary sweets this time of year? I don’t think so!!

    Thanks for the blog makeover compliment! I was kind of attached to my old header so I went through a couple of days of withdrawls, but everyone has been so sweet and I’m getting used to it now. (I mean, it WAS my idea and all… and I DID design it myself… but still… )

    Blessings, and Merry Christmas!

  2. Hey friend!

    Those sound absolutely DIVINE! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. I will definitely have to show this to my hubby and get him to give it a try.

    Maryleigh, I am SO thankful we met this year and that I can carry your friendship with me into the coming New Year!

    I am praying that you and your precious family have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with nothing but peace and joy.


    Teresa <

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