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    • Lauren – I needed reminding to find the blessing in the mundane. We never “arrive” to where we are not called to the mundane – if it’s not dishes, it’s certainly something else! Jesus was the son of God and He washed feet! It’s an opposite day thing!

  1. I love how this is written! Those un-favorite tasks can be places of blessing. And I am often surprised that, as much as I dread them, they don’t take long at all once I get started.

  2. My busy hands will drive a bunch of kids to a lake where they can enjoy the great outdoors away from other people (we’ve been sheltering in place with each other for 7 weeks now at our boarding school, and we take the kids off campus to isolated places once a week to avoid cabin fever). My busy hands will also saddle horses and assist students (I’m subbing for the horsemanship teacher who injured himself a few weeks ago). And my busy hands will grade papers, enter passwords, prepare meals, fold laundry, and write. Thank you for the reminder that none of that busyness matters if I’m not doing it for God’s glory!

    • Oh, Anita! I love the busy of your hands – and yours is a definite holistic busy! Praying God’s shalom in that busy! ~ Maryleigh

  3. Lovely post Maryleigh! We so often get tired & bored of what seems to us as the mundane in between things. But God often does His greatest work in us during those times.

    My hands have been busy crocheting a Baby shawl for our soon to be born 11th grandchild.
    Bless you,

    • So excited for you, Jennifer – a new grandbaby! I’m just getting ready to knit a blanket for one that was born in June – I’m a little behind! LOL Praying we both find God in the inbetweens! Shalom, Maryleigh

  4. These are beautiful thoughts and photos, Maryleigh! I remember in years past that some of my best prayer times were when I was on my hands and knees (the best posture, right?) cleaning my floors. But in this current place of stillness, where I still find myself wanting to escape, God calls me to see that His purpose hasn’t changed. My work is still my prayers. Thank you for this beautiful and convicting post today, just what I needed to read. Blessings and love to you today.

    • Bettie – your words are convicting! I see your hard right now – and what a parallel of hardness – the on the floor cleaning turned into prayer – and the isolation of today – I feel that hardness from your examples! Praying God’s amazing comfort in your stillness – and companionship! Shalom, friend! ~ Maryleigh

  5. “Friends, we all need those messy places, to do the unpretty work. . . and look on it as a love offering, a meeting place with the one we love. . . it changes everything. . .it’s the mission field where He works on our soul. . .” I LOVE THIS!

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful, inspiring post.


    • I never want the messy – but I am so glad about what God does in the messy! Shalom, Karen!
      ~ Maryleiigh

  6. Isn’t it just like God to teach us the biggest lessons in the ordinary? Your mention of washing he dishes reminded me of Ann Voskamp’s book, A Thousand Gifts. She wrote about the ordinary routine of washing the dishes as something to be thankful for and it made such a difference in how I see my own mundane tasks. Thank you for sharing what your busy hands have been up to.

    • Her book was certainly a life-changer for me! It opened my eyes to all the blessings I’d been missing!

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