Box or Scratch? Pride or Substance? A Bavarian Cream Donut Trifle — 17 Comments

  1. We are so much alike! (Not merely the boy overload!) I have struggled with that particular pride–do I wage war over the gravy or just break down and but a jar? What will people THINK if they saw a cake mix in my house? (Horrors!)

    • But maybe it is the boy overload and because of them how our giftings evolved that has made us so alike! Would I be so into food if I had daughters? Definitely “food” for thought! LOL I am learning when I have no peace about what I’m doing, maybe I’m dealing in pride – and I need to change course – even if it’s a recipe change, a menu change or a bigger change. Shalom, my friend, in your week!

        • I have been surprised because mine haven’t been those stereo-typical BIG eaters that eat you out of house and home.They are opinionated eaters, though – LOL!

  2. Maryleigh, it was wonderful to hear of your ponderings, “There’s a place for from-scratch recipes and a place for non-scratch solutions. It does it loves way.” It is beautiful to hear of your “love” gifts to your children and grandchildren. Our big birthday month is April.

    • April must be such a fun month for celebrations -with the Easter Egg Hunt theme – so much built in goodness!

  3. Hi Maryleigh, great analogy. I am so jealous of your baking abilities and your ability to make everything look so pretty πŸ™‚ Lol, I’m not green I promise, maybe inspired. Great post.
    God bless

    • I told my DIL the other day that I didn’t start cooking like this until my late 40s, 50s. Maybe I made a homemade crust once until two years ago. I had certain scratch-cake recipes that I used for birthdays, but nothing like today’s cakes. Icing? I bought icing until I did dress cookies for a shower for my niece over 10 years ago. Scones I’ve been doing since the mid-90s but those were plain with fruit on top, not inside. I think as my son’s tastes evolved – and the Martha Stewart show gave me confidence back in the day – that my cooking skills grew. If I’d had daughters, they probably wouldn’t be what they are today!

  4. I’m so glad to see this, because I have wrestled with this and I have never seen anyone address it. I was a Home Economics Education major, and we weren’t allowed boxes or mixes in anything we made. I realized much later that some of those teachers probably did have Hamburger Helper in their pantries. πŸ™‚ I realized that too often, doing everything “from scratch” was often a point of pride. Nowadays I do what’s easiest. πŸ™‚ I like how this recipe had so many ties back to meaningful people and situations.

  5. Maryleigh, this is just the sweetest post! I bet it didn’t matter at all that it wasn’t made from scratch as it was made with love which surely was the best part of all!

  6. That looks and sounds like a wonderful dessert – and a sensible combination of homemade and shortcut. I haven’t often considered whether I am letting “pride and selfish ambition” motivate me when it comes to cooking and baking, mostly because I don’t like to cook, but I think I probably do sometimes. My desire to feed the people I love and to demonstrate my care for them does sometimes get mixed up with a sense of pride or wanting to kind of “show off” in the process. Good reminder to check my heart as I’m planning the menu or kneading the bread dough.

  7. The trifle looks delicious!
    I was really struck by this statement: “Pride risks ruining outcomes.” This is so true. It’s kind of like the adage that “the perfect is the enemy of the good.” Great reminder that I needed to hear this morning. Thanks!

  8. Ahhh, Maryleigh, this post . . . It’s good to be aware of when pride is trying to hijack our hearts’ desire to bless one we love. I’ve been the one that is too concerned about making things perfect, and from scratch, when really, what my loved one wanted was something simpler. I am good at making things more work than they need to be. Thanks for the reminder that something from a box (or a shop) is okay, because it’s going to bless the one we’re making it for.

    One year, my son wanted donuts. No chocolate chocolate brownies or fancy cake. Just donuts. So, I bought plenty and then arranged them pretty on the plate and stuck in candles. He loved it.

    By the way, I like your “new” site. New to me anyway. πŸ˜‰

  9. Oh my gosh. I always get so hungry when I visit you LOL. Oh if I could be so talented as to make goodies as you do. Visiting from #4&5
    #5 has the link to my newly launched link up Sweet Tea & Friends.

  10. Your desserts always look amazing and I would never know if you made them completely from scratch or not. I love the lesson of pushing aside our pride. It is one I need to embrace more fully in my life.

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