Muddy’s Hot Cocoa – A Good Thing! — 19 Comments

  1. That looks delicious!! I’m floored with the addition of Cayenne…how strange…however, you have me wanting to at least try it!! What a special tradition!

  2. I absolutely love that photo of your kitchen window! I can’t explain why… something about the combination of the bare snowy trees outside with the decorations inside and the type of window it is (you don’t get windows like that here) – simply beautiful.

    Also cayenne in hot chocolate – yum! I’ve never tried it at home but the café we sometimes go to does it with chili and pink pepper ground on top of the whipped cream. I’m not sure what difference the pink pepper makes, but it certainly is a warming drink! 🙂

  3. Sounds like a delicious recipe for hot chocolate! Honestly I can not stand the “empty the packet of instant chocolate powder into a mug and add hot water” kind of hot chocolate. But I love the “canned squirt in your mouth whipped cream” and so does my whole clan. I think I just might try this on our next snow day. I love your snowman hot cocoa set. It is adorable!

  4. I have never made homemade hot cocoa. This will be a treat for my family. The cayenne pepper is a wild addition.

    I love your cocoa cup set…hot special!

  5. It’s 30 and 40s here all week…I’ve been making soups and chilis, so I definitely need to whip some of this up!

  6. So glad I found you from the Friday Hops. Plus, I love that you shared the hot chocolate and coffee cake recipes. 🙂 I’ll be spending some time at your site. We have a pre-teen son and are working through some things with a lot of love and patience. Then, I found your writing page and … well, I’ll be checking your blog out … so thank you for having it. If you get a chance, please stop by and say hi! ~Jamie

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