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  1. When my son gets a little older, can I call you? 🙂 He is only 2 and I am scared I will forget all of this great stuff before he gets old enough for me to use it! 🙂

  2. I LOVE your cake and gum lessons. I have two teenage daughters and I wonder how to explain this to them all of the time (they need to hear it over and over). I believe I will share this with them verbatim, probably making it into a family lesson (with cake and gum visuals, er, tastuals?). So, wow, thanks!

  3. Haha, I love the cake story. What a great way to teach your kids without the awkwardness! I hope I still have many years before I have to teach this!

  4. I am a huge fan of cake (my mom is a decorator, so this is a great analogy. Oh, and I am wondering…did you ever get secretly upset when pregnant with any of the boys that they were not girls? Just wondering…I have three boys and the last one was very hard to swallow, though of course now he is great.

    • I had girls names picked out: Lloyd Megan, Emily Llloyd, Maggie Lloyd, Lloyd Faith, Mary Faith. The only problem I had was my self image when I found out my 5th was going to be a boy -I visualized a mom of 5 sons sitting at the top of the bleachers at the baseball field, hollering callously, and spitting birdseed into the stands below. I made my oldest son promise to have lunch with me once a week when he grew up. LOL People would say early on, “Oh, what a shame, another son.” That would leave me fighting mad, so that probably helped re-adjust. I always say 3 is the perfect number – 3 boys is a beautiful thing – you can be an unofficial member to my unoffical club -momswith at least 3 sons club (no daughters allowed). Thanks for vising my sight. I found you when I was reading another blog 🙂

  5. What a great way to explain this! I REALLY wish I had heard this seven years ago when I started teaching middle school! But, I can still use it with my son when he gets there:-)

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  10. Loved this – absolutely loved it. I heard a minister say one time that every time a child “went out” then broke up, it mimicked the pain of divorce, each and every time. I highly discouraged my son from going out. Oh man, but the girls… girls chased and chased. Yikes! I’m so glad it’s all over! He found his cake.

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