Blessings in the Ice & Muddy Bars — 8 Comments

    • Let me know how your crew likes them! Not hard – just three stages. We’ve had more snow events in Tennessee where we live than in the last 3 years! I missed the first event (we were at the beach) – but at least we were here for the challenging storm to make sure everything was o.k. Glad you guys are home – I cannot imagine having to sleep somewhere else within 4-6 weeks post spinal fusion surgery. Your daughter is a rock star – and so are you!

  1. My family in TX was without power for a while but have it now. Situations like this sure make us appreciate those blessings so much more.

    I’ll add a link back here to my post as soon as I get back to my computer. I’m on my iPad, and editing my post just doesn’t work as well with it. Thanks for being here!

    • All last week, after I posted, I wasn’t able to visit and read – it is so hard for me to on my phone! So glad your Texas family is safe and warm now! Shalom in your week, Barbara! ~ Maryleigh

  2. Wow! What a time you had Maryleigh!
    A few years back we had a horrific storm & flooding that wiped out all the electricity in our region. We were without it for 7 days, some were out of water too for a week & some two weeks without power.
    I was so grateful we had water through that time but after a week without power I burst into tears when it suddenly came back on! We lost all the food we couldn’t consume in the fridge & freezer…we cooked on our gas BBQ & had cold showers brrrrr!

    I’m very grateful for normality & fully functioning homes.

  3. I’m glad you all are safe. Those storms did so much damage. You all made the best of it and it’s beautiful to see how we can truly persevere and come through. Those muddy bars look delicious so thank you for sharing your recipe!

  4. Oh yes, we so easily take these gifts of civilization for granted! So thankful that you have all your power restored now, and so thankful that the Lord brought you safely through the storms. I used to make very similar bars like these–they were a family favorite. Thanks for the “sweet” memories! Praise God for the gifts of HIs presence with us throughout all of our days. Blessings to you.

  5. I have fond memories of ice storms and power outages in the Portland, OR area as a kid. They were beautiful–and I loved reading by candlelight (my eyes got tired rather quickly, though). It’s funny how as a kid, power outages are an adventure–as an adult? Not so much ;). I’m glad you could bake. The Muddy Bars look delicious!

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