Behold the Birds — 21 Comments

    • Only with God can we really find the peaceful scene – the peaceful place. The world right now really isn’t, though it contains so many opportunities for peaceful moments. Shalom, Barb! ~ Maryleigh

  1. Oh, this is such precious timing, dear Maryleigh. I love seeing the lessons that God brings through the birds and His creatures. He truly does care for them, and He will care for us right where we are also. He keeps speaking that to me in this place of our transition too. Blessings of peace to you dear sister.

    • I am so glad He never stops trying to speak to us – even in the hard and we seem so hyper-focused on our emotions for the challenges about us – but His messages are always still there! Continued prayers, Bettie! Much Much Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

  2. Maryleigh,
    I needed this post as I have been caught up in all the evil in our world today. I know how the story ends, but it still gets to me. What a great time to behold the birds and remember how God has taken care of me all those times in the past and He will surely do it again. So glad I popped by!

    • Just looking at my news feed is daunting these days Bev! Feeling like I’m training for a marathon that is about a lifetime of Keeping my eyes on Him! Glad you came by! Shalom, my friend! ~ Maryleigh

  3. Maryleigh, your words brought to mind the many ways God provided for my family in my growing-up years as well. He IS the God of more than enough. The photos you shared are stunning!

    • Jeanne He doesn’t stop – does He! As long as we keep pressing in, drawing closer, He doesn’t leave us! We have the stories, don’t we Jeanne, to prove it! Those bird photos? I don’t think I could have learned to capture them if I hadn’t learned how to wait with God. Learning to wait with God for those answered prayers, taught me to wait on the birds for photos! Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

  4. Maryleigh, as always, I am grateful for your words. It is amazing to look back, to behold, the faithfulness of the Lord in His provision. Even when we lacked, we had enough. I am not even sure if at the time, we knew we lacked 🙂 He always made us feel provided for. Oh, for His amazing grace!

    • Joanne, I was telling someone the story of how my husband and I lacked when we married (no hot water, etc.) and they were mortified, saying, “I’m so sorry.” I was surprised. I didn’t feel like I needed someone to feel sorry for me. It was a part of the story that showed how big our love was. We knew we lacked, but we didn’t care. We had what we needed – just not the bells and whistles. Sometimes the lack just makes the story that much better – and makes our hearts that much more grateful! Thankful for God’s amazing grace, too, in this journey! ~ Maryleigh

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