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  1. Wow. My son hasn’t worked up the nerve to talk that seriously to a girl so I doubt he’s talking to God either. I’m storing this one away for the time that he does!

    It’s wonderful that you have this level of dialogue with your son!

    Trusting God is half the battle in being able to hear His voice. Good thing you’re starting him young. I still have my struggles. See my today’s post.(

  2. I agree with all your other commenters. You sound like an amazing parent, your dear sons are so lucky to have you.

    I love that your son felt he could come to you to talk about such a thing – and that you didn’t belittle his emotions.

    Great story. I’m adding you to my blogroll – I just know that this is the type of parenting insight that I need. I’m SO glad you stopped by. 🙂

  3. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comment about having your grandmother’s cast iron skillet. I should have added to my post that cast iron is often handed down through generations of families because it is practically indestructable. If your skillet could talk, what wonderful stories and recipes it could share about the delicious food that was cooked with love that she made for her family. (Or how she kept grandpa in line with it!) 🙂 Your sons are going to make wonderful husbands someday. And that skillet will have new families to feed.

  4. Thank you reading my blog, Mary Leigh. Thank you for your encouragement and for leading me to this post… What a wonderful account of seeking truth (and having trouble with it). Because the trouble part definitely happens. It’s in our nature to be selfish and seek our own desires over the Lord’s perfect plan for us! I hope that in my story, I have heard the Lord’s Will as He meant for me to hear it and I’m sure your son will get there, if he isn’t already! 8-D

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