Answered Prayers in the Middle of a Mess — 16 Comments

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about answered prayer over the past 18 months, so this was an encouragement to me. I’ve made a lot of very specific asks over the past 18 months as our family has entered the world of chronic illness with two of our daughters and covid fallout with our son. These months have been everything messy–physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. And in the midst, God has answered with gracious yeses–and some noes–or at least some not yets. I’ve been chagrinned at my surprise at the yeses. I knew he could but I’m not sure I believed that he would, you know. So, I’m sorting through that–part of the mess I’m learning to be okay with.

    • Natalie, I think sometimes it’s hard to wrap our head and heart around the idea that someone, anyone, especially God loves us that much to say gracious yeses and even noes and not yets.I know how I feel when my kiddos come running to me for comfort – and it about bursts my heart they trust me so – or at least when they were little. I think God loves that about us! You’ve had a challenging 18 months – praying that “All is Well,” – 2 Kings 4:26 as we both continue into the other half of 2020! Thanks so much for coming by and spending time! ~ Shalom, Maryleigh

  2. I love your attitude of seeing answered prayers in the middle of the mess. Because isn’t life always a little messy? Mine certainly is. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beautiful writing and sentiments, Maryleigh, and for linking up at Grace & Truth. I’m going to feature your post at my blog this Friday.

    • Life would be very empty if it wasn’t messy – and I would be very out of shape spiritually if I didn’t let God grow me with these messes! I’ve seen big answers slide home off the wings of another prayer sent out. I am so glad Ann Voskamp taught me how to find the blessings He leaves. I see Him in everything now! Thanks so much Lisa for dropping a lovely blessing into my Monday Morning! WOW!See you at your place Friday!

  3. Good morning, Maryleigh! I love your gentle reminder that right in the midst of the messiness and uncertainty, there is Jesus. Speaking, blessing, guiding, comforting.

    What a wonderful Savior …

    • The messes never stop – do they! It’s just the more we let Him into the messes, the better we handle them and live them! Rejoicing with you! What a wonderful Savior we do have! ~ Maryleigh

  4. I am so grateful that our God has watched over me in my comings and goings, that He is providing a new home to move to in a little over a month, and that He provided a buyer for my house immediately at a great price! I am grateful for the precious people He has placed in my life. Thank You, Father God.

    • Rejoicing with you, Linda – that He supplies our needs and answers our prayers in the exact way they need to be answered and supplied! Praying for you as you make this big transition – Praying that God fills your home with the comfort of His heart, surround your home with a hedge of protection, and send so many feet across its threshold to break bread and share a cuppa that if spills with love and laughter! Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

  5. I love that you can see the answered prayers in the middle of the mess! We had our entire family in the same house (a very small house) for two weeks this summer–the first time we’ve spent more than two or three days together in seven years. It was a mess, but a beautiful mess! I can relate :). It was also an answer to prayer.

    • It’s like simmering in a pot – when everyone’s together – and the flavors marry together for so warm, soul-filling remembrances!!! What fun you must have had! Thanks so much for coming by Anita! ~ Shalom ~ Maryleigh

  6. I don’t have children, but I can relate to this in other ways. I love the reflective perspective this brings also. And especially this:

    “Answered prayers aren’t always answered on our exact terms – and they don’t live out in neat, tidy, Hallmark story settings.”

    I’m fact, just yesterday I was thanking God for loving us and not giving up on us in our messiness. How cool to read this post today!

    • I used to think my life had to be organized, unmessy, my soul perfect before He would want to spend time with me. I am so glad He is with me where I am, in the messiness of my growing to Him! I love it when God surrounds us with a chorus of a message line so that what He’s telling us sinks in deeper!!! Thanks for coming by Amanda! Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

  7. Maryleigh, I loved this post. It is so true that God often is often answering our prayers in the middle of the mess. And I also realized … sometimes the mess is an answer to prayer as well 🙂 Those messy and loud dinners are the joy and laughter God uses to remind me that He is right there with us in all things. Blessings!

    • I am so glad that sometimes it is in the mess the most important moments happen! Thanks so much for coming by Joanne! Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

  8. Oh, I love these thoughts: “Answered prayers stretch us, stir us up, turn our lives upside down in holy ways – because answered prayers bring us ever closer into God’s presence.” His ways are surely higher than ours, aren’t they? I’m so glad I came over from Lisa’s site, these were precious thoughts that encouraged my heart today.

    • Thank you so much for coming Bettie! I am so glad we can sharpen each other in this precious community! Shalom!!! Maryleigh

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