America’s Born Again Journey — 13 Comments

    • I am so very glad! I really want to expand on this – but it’s a good start! Happy 4th Barb!

  1. I love your flag flying high, friend. After a long while, we finally hung ours up last week after an unwieldy tree damaged our old one. Long may she wave.

  2. Maryleigh, this is a fantastic message. True! True! True! All’s I have to say is Amen, and I’ll say it again Amen! You spoke to the heart of the matter here.

    Thank you for linking up with Sweet Tea & Friends this month.

    • In the news, in so many things happening – I find myself looking for the heart and ways of Christ – the forgiveness, the love – and so many seem offended by those soul-changing actions! My heart grieves for what so many people are missing. Thanks for stopping by, Paul and being so encouraging!

  3. Hi Maryleigh, beautiful post. It is good to reflect because in that we learn and grow. We can correct our course and move on. And it is true, we should life in forgiveness and love, not offense and hurt. I hope that America continues to correct its course as many countries will follow, God-willing!
    God bless

    • God has the plan, Tracy! I may not always be comfortable in the unfolding of that plan, but I trust! Praying that the heart of our nation love like Jesus and not the Pharisees! Shalom, my friend! ~ Maryleigh

    • Yes, my friend! Praying God’s hand is on it, shaping and molding it, unfolding the story of it!

  4. This is just the message I needed to hear, Maryleigh. I’ve become so disillusioned with America in so many ways. Yet you’re reminding me that I don’t need to give up on her when she’s down, but rather keep helping her back up every time.

  5. Yes, Lisa! Exactly! How many sinners, how many of the lost have been helped back up by the love of Christ instead of the Pharisees condemnation? I remember asking someone who’s child had been in Teen Challenge advice on helping my own wayward child. She said, “See them how Jesus sees them.” I not only did that, I asked God to show me how to love when it didn’t feel like love. Those two things changed everything! Shalom, my friend. May we rejoice in God’s redeeming story in our land!

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