A Tough Father-Son Talk — 14 Comments

  1. This >> “His son looked down at the world, saw the souls – the lost, ostracized, abused, those who couldn’t find a place to belong, even unbelievers – He saw them so very far from his father’s love.” He saw me (!) and I am forever grateful!

  2. I appreciate this guess at the trinitarian collaboration behind our great salvation. And it especially stirs my curiosity about the divine perspective from “the garden wall.”

    • The garden – there’s another story I’ve written about the old man and his garden – and that wall is a meeting place in it. I find myself intrigued by it.

  3. I couldn’t find a link to Remember Me Monday, and anyway, today is Tuesday, but I would have posted about how God’s eye is on even the smallest creatures in His kingdom.

    I was stopped for a red light on my way to an appointment, and fretting that on this day when I was about to be late, the lights were not coordinating the way they usually did. And then I saw a tiny something crossing the road–or was it a leaf being slowly blown across? Turned out it was a very small turtle crossing the riad, and the light stayed red long enough for it to get safely to the other side.

    • That, my friend, was a beautiful blessing on God’s timing – if we’d just let go of our own. Thank you for sharing this turtly God-infused story! I am communicating with the linky team. Hopefully, the link issue will be resolved, soon!

    • Thank you, Jerralea – I’ve gotta give God the credit on this one. He just poured it out to me. Thank you, my friend, for loving it!

  4. Maryleigh, this is beautiful. What a unique “take” on conversations God and Jesus had in the days before Jesus became flesh. Thank you for giving me much to ponder!

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