A Tale of Two Betrayals: A Veil’s Difference between Judas and Peter — 26 Comments

  1. Powerful comparison, Maryleigh. I’ve been spending time in the upper room this week, pondering both Judas and Peter. Thank you for these thoughts and scriptures. May God continue to bless and enlighten you as you seek Him this Easter season.

  2. Wow, I’ve never seen the verses side by side like that although I’ve always thought about how Peter sought Jesus in hope and faith (like you said)…knowing only in Jesus…like you, I don’t know I will ever comprehend the depth of what Christ did for me…blessings to you and yours <3

  3. Oh, what a wonderful post! I soaked it in and truly enjoyed it. Very deep thoughts and so edifying to me tonight. God bless you, my friend. 🙂

  4. Interesting and thought-provoking comparison of the two men. I really enjoyed reading your piece, and I have a feeling it’ll be mulling around in my thoughts throughout the day. Good stuff. #raralinkup

  5. Whoa, such a powerfully profound post. Especially as you repeat the phrase “Two men. Two Betrayals. Two Choices. Two….” I have been contemplated both Peter and Judas lately, and how Jesus knew He would be betrayed and rejected by them and He loved them both anyway – to the very end. I found you today at Meg’s #TeaAndWord … Blessings

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  6. I love this comparison, Maryleigh. Very profound and inspiring! I especially love this little line, “Yet, the power of faith always proves stronger than the burden of sin.” So true and so encouraging. We don’t have to remain weighed down in our shame and guilt when we have Christ, the High Priest, who provided the sacrifice for our sins! Love your thoughts, my friend!

  7. There is a lot of food for thought in your post and thank you for putting the time it takes to lay out the truths in those two men. I am with the other women, I will be pondering some of it for a while…

  8. Hi Maryleigh! What a beautiful comparison of these two followers of Christ. I never really thought about this being a story of looking for repentance in the law vs. in the mercy of Christ. Thank you for lighting that lamp for me, it makes absolute sense.
    Jesus came to fulfill the law, the law no longer the yardstick. If Judas would have only seen how Christ would forgive, how different the ending of his story would have been. I hope and believe in that forgiveness.

  9. I’ve never given that much thought to the similarities and differences in how these two betrayed Jesus. This is very insightful and a great reminder to accept the grace offered to us!

  10. What a great post, Maryleigh. I have never seen their 2 betrayals compared and explained the way you did. It makes the difference between law and grace so clear. Sharing and pinning on my “Posts Worth Reading” board.

  11. Maryleigh, this is a great Bible study, friend! Bravo to you. I’d never thought before about comparing Judas and Peter, but they did both betray Christ. I’ve been reading about Jesus’ last days (before Easter) so I was glad to read this. (And I LOVE Les Miserables, for it’s theme of grace.)

  12. Well thought out post that really made me think! Love the parallel! Also, I have a pastor named Eddie Turner too! =)

  13. Wow Maryleigh, that was powerful. I love how your parallel has brought the differences of law and grace out so beautifully. Loved reading this and am inspired to go and reread these portions of scripture. Great post
    God bless

  14. Oh my, Maryleigh, there is power in this post today! I have goosebumps and tingling in my body. Comparing Judas with Javert and Peter with Jean reminded me of that wonderful and heartwrenching story as is this one of Judas and Peter. Comparing these two apostles side-by-side brings their paths into clarity for me that I have never seen before. Thank you so much. I shall be pondering these two men for a while.

  15. Maryleigh, I appreciate the deep dive into this. I’ve thought before about the differences between the way Judas handled the aftermath of his betrayal and the way Peter handled his. You made me think a lot about this. I’ve thought about the veil tearing at Jesus’ death, but I hadn’t considered the way it (symbolically) impacted each of these men . . . and us. I love Les Miserables, and the comparison between Javert and Valjean; and Javert being so similar to Judas . . . yes. Thank you for the reminder that there is forgiveness for our sin and our betrayals of the Lord, and that He welcomes us back into fellowship with Him when we repent. I’ll be thinking on this in the days to come.

    • Jeanne, I am so glad I can go to Him – that He wants me to come to Him, to be restored to Him – and not ever stay in despair! Praising God for His astonishing, magnificent goodness!

  16. This is such a powerful compare and contrast. You brought out so many things about these two betrayer’s and choices that I hadn’t really thought about before. I espeically love how you noted that Peter was restored to the ten dicisples. That’s a beautiful picture of restoration and is the same for the church today!

    • Karen, I cannot fathom how Peter was restored – but it started with repentance. One day, we’ll know those details! I cannot wait to hear those details! What a story we will hear!

  17. This is so powerful, Maryleigh. I’ve never really thought about the difference between the betrayals and what they symbolized. All too often to brush over the story of Judas and shake our heads sadly. Thank you for taking the time to draw out the lessons.

    • There is such a contrast between grace and law – why could one be redeemed and one not? There are so many stories in the bible that one day we will have explained to us – and find out all the details we wondered about!

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