A Summer of Celebration — 8 Comments

  1. I have really enjoyed your SM posts this summer. It’s been a monumental season for our family as well: a birth, an engagement, and soon a departure. God holds us in a still place for all the changes that come!

    • As I age, it seems life becomes richer and deeper – ever changing and surprising – great joy, sadness and everything inbetween – all opportunities for grace. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your joys, praying for you in the releasing. I am glad God gives us the opportunity to be held by Him in the still places – I am learning to give myself permission to sit in the still place He offers whether it’s the prelude to a new season, the catch-my-breath after a busy or hard season, and the ones inbetween! Shalom, my friend. I’ve missed your voice.

  2. Oh, Maryleigh, what a beautiful summer, boodles of reasons to celebrate, my friend. Your healing is a wonderful praise. The photographs are splendid. And with all of that, I have missed these uplifting posts of yours. So grateful the back surgery is healing well for you. They are a rugged piece of some of our lives. But so glad you are walking in a pain-free mode!
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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