A Mother’s Treasured Things — 16 Comments

  1. Oh Maryleigh thank you for sharing those memories with us! I am in an emotional, remembering kind of place too. But your words brought tears to my eyes today. Our God is truly so full of miraculous grace for us! And someday, those boys will be glad that you have kept their stories for them.

  2. Only another boy mum (I think) could fully enter in to the stories we hold and the way we filter what we talk about with our boys. And that the relationship can be healthy even so…

    • You are so right Michele – and I think a boys-only mom has a difference experience in the story-telling. There is such a different way stories are passed down between a mother with a daughter than a mother with sons only. The way the story is told might be different – but the heart of it remains true either way. I love being a boy-mom. I needed to be out of my box – and God knew it!

  3. Your sons might not want to hear your stories … but we do! Thanks for sharing the miracle of each birth. As a mom, I love a good birth story.

    • Thank you, Jerralea! Men have their war stories of great valor – we have our life stories of great faith!

  4. Oh Maryleigh, what a gift to read this. God is just so very faithful. Thank you so much for placing the link to this post at the bottom of your comment on my site.

    Oh how your stories make me miss my own Mama even more. I am her eldest daughter, one of six children and she went home to Jesus in 2014, after a 5 month battle with brain cancer.

    • Anna – what stories your mama had! I am so sorry she is not there to tell them over and over. I hope you have them – and tell them over and over to your siblings, to your children and their children – the hope and faith stories, the funny stories, the giving life stories! Shalom, friend! ~ Maryleigh

  5. Maryleigh, this is such a beautiful post. As we’ve just watched our first walk the aisle and receive his diploma, those stories of his birth, his growing years, and recent months have all gathered in my heart, causing tears to spill over at some of the remembering. I LOVED this: “Isn’t that what mother’s do? Become keepers of the stories?” So beautiful and so true. Thanks for sharing the story of your family.

  6. This post was lovely and just filled my mama’s heart this afternoon. Thank you for sharing your memories. For the ones shared and the ones stored….I pray God will bless your heart and home during this busy birthday month!!

  7. Oh those stories are all so special and definitely ones to treasure in your heart. I’m so glad that your boys were all answers to prayers in their own way and that your 4th and 5th both arrived safely. June sounds like a very busy month in your family – I hope your sons and grandsons all have happy birthdays.

    • Yes! They were answers to prayers – and in so many unexpected, un-looked-for ways! God is never one-dimensional!

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