A Golden Message about The Difference between Men and Women — 8 Comments

  1. Like you, I am most grateful for my forever man. We will be married 42 years this May. Yes, we married young. We were naive and did not realize how hard it was to be an adult, to be married, and to be parents. But somehow by the grace of God, we grew each other up and the life we still share is as beautiful in our eyes as it can be 🙂 There truly is a difference between men and women and I for one, agree with you – I am so grateful for that difference and for the love it has brought into my life.

    • Joanne, for my first borns rehearsal dinner years ago, I interviewed the grandparents,the parents asking them what’s something they never imagined about married life when they said, “I do.” My amazing Father in law said, “We didn’t know nuthin'” – and laughed! We sure didn’t know anything either – like you say, “by the grace of God, we grew each other up.” I love that! We are blessed in our Forever Men! ~ Maryleigh

  2. I *love* this lecture. My middle son just commented recently that it’s so discouraging that most TV shows depict husbands and fathers as goofy or inept. And what a great point that what the media tells us is wrong in culture is often not in our reality.

    • My students had such a hard time realize that what the media narrative and their narrative were not the same. It was like they were trying to shake themselves awake and just weren’t quite ready. I’ve always hoped I planted a seed of truth that would grow! Glad your son recognizes it!

    • Thanks for coming by Jennifer. It was a crazy snow and ice storm week without electricity, propane and water! Glad you came by to meet my Sadie and read my fun lecture for my kiddos! ~ Maryleigh

  3. I loved this lecture, Maryleigh! It is so necessary that our culture once again sees the difference between men and women and the roles God designed for them. I’ve always been the Martha type, and having a professional career made me feel somewhat equal to my husband when it came to making decisions. Fortunately, God had grabbed hold of me one month before I met my hubby, and God subdued some of that “equality” thinking with a large dose of submission once we had discussed our ideas and prayed for God’s guidance. It’s a story in itself.
    I’m so glad that men are different than women, and that the difference is designed by God to be “Golden.” (Now I want to run out and get a female Golden Retriever to tame our protective, male Aussie/Heeler 4-year-old doggie.
    Loved this,

    • Oh, Janis – thanks so much for coming by for my Golden post! I am so glad I recognize that God designed me to be a woman – and that God designed men to be men – and that I was not designed for the burdens my husband is more equipped to carry than I am. It is liberating to realize who we are in God’s designed – and so blessed when we have husband’s who love us like Christ loved the church. BTW – there’s not a protective bone in Sadie’s body! LOL ~ Maryleigh

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