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  1. “Donkey-fetching tasks, commissioned by God, have the ability to usher the Messiah, not just into Jerusalem, but into the heart’s of those He came to save.” This is such a powerful statement, Maryleigh, and one I will be thinking on today.

    • This story has me both on pins and needles and laughing that even at 60-years-old, I still feel the fear that they will be caught and put in jail for stealing a donkey! And, it awes me, that they weren’t.

    • Thank you, Lisa! I’m actually working on organizing my writing for my children, and that was one of the groupings I have organized my content in to. I will definitely work on including this one! You’ve made my heart smile!

  2. I don’t know that I gave a whole lot of thought to the anxiety the disciples might have been feeling at just TAKING a donkey! Or what they might have been feeling as they walked away with the donkey, just as Jesus had said. I know from personal experience that it’s possible to think, “I can’t believe that just happened!!” and “I knew God would come through! I knew it!” at the same time, so I wonder if that’s what they did. God is faithful! Good lesson today, thanks for sharing!

    • There’s so much the disciples learned those two years of Jesus’ ministry – growing in faith for miracles was one of them. Maybe by then it was so everyday, that they weren’t unsure. They hadn’t been filled with the Holy Spirit yet, which empowers us to overcome our fears and so much more. Peter does deny Christ only a week later. I know as a 4th or 5th grader, I was on pins and needles and was awed that they just went up and took a donkey. Today, I think I could have responded like you suggest, but most likely not when I was 30. I had a lot of growing to do.

  3. Maryleigh you brought that story alive & from a perception I’ve never viewed from before! Thank you!

    Unfortuately for a long time now I haven’t been able to join you here for the LINKUP as for some unknown & very frustrating reason the Linky Tool that’s here just won’t allow me my posts up.

    Visiting from Anita’s today where we’re neighbours. 😊
    Bless you, Jennifer

    • I’m so sorry, Jennifer, that you are unable to link up. I’m checking with my link services to see if they can figure it out. It’s always a blessing, though, when you stop by. SHalom, my friend, in your Easter season.

  4. You are such a powerful, descriptive writer. Your writing just draws me right in. Thank you for hosting the link-up and for all you do. May the blessings of God rest on you continually!

    • Thank you, Cheryl, for your sweet encouragement! May the blessings of God rest on you continually, also. Shalom and thanks for coming by!

  5. Maryleigh, I read the endings of books for the same reason you do. 🙂 I loved your play-by-play of this familiar story … you definitely made it come alive! And this word of encouragement was just what I need today: “Never under-estimate the tasks to which He calls us or His power applied to complete them. The disciples were willing. God did the rest. We just need to be willing to step into the thriller story – even if it’s just a thriller to fetch a donkey.” Blessings to you, my friend.

    • There needs to be a book club just for people who read the book endings first – because they we can discuss as we go through the book the effectiveness of the clues along the way without spoiling it for those who don’t read the end first! LOL Every Palm Sunday, I think of my 4th/5th grade response – and find myself still amazed at how they walked that out – so for the last few years, I have been wanting to write about it – and this year, at the end of the two months God didn’t want me to write, but just be still with Him – He gave me the words for this. It made my heart glad. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading – and finding encouragement! Shalom, my friend!

  6. I love your take on the story. You sure brought it alive. I’m not one for thrillers. But I have to say that when I’m reading some Bible stories I find myself “on the edge of my seat” so to speak, my heart races then I’m like phew God’s got it.
    Thank you bunches for sharing this with Sweet Tea & Friends this month my friend.

    • The bible is full of these pins-and-needles faith stories – so many thrillers leaving both of us on the edge of our seats. I will admit, some never lose that thriller edge! Thanks so much for coming by and reading, Paula!!! Shalom!

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