Remember Me Monday: #2 — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Maryleigh, I did not see a link up for posts so I thought on would tuck in my Monday post here: It’s a conglomeration of Great Strengths and Projects God has given me in the past three years. I hope you’ll stop by and take a look. I feel like friends in this new journey as Heather Mertens and her daughter Em designed both of our sites. I’m enjoying the comfort and gentleness found here in your design presence and your words. Blessings on this Memorial Day Monday!

    • I don’t have a link for posts at this time – I am hoping friends will link in the comment section, or, if they don’t blog, will write their Rememberings here. I can’t wait to stop by and read what God’s done for you! Enjoying sharing this new part of our writing journey!

  2. Maryleigh,

    I found you on INSPIRE ME MONDAY. What a lovely way to start the new work week! I haven’t worked outside the home for almost 32 years at which time I left to be a SAHM of our first born but I continue to rise early each day to get DH ready for work. I’m very thankful for DH having a job that he can work from home during pandemic crisis and for his employer who thinks a lot their staff to not rush the gun on putting too many people in the building at one time. I’m thankful today DH gets his crown for his implant. I’m thankful we have dental insurance through his employer. It doesn’t cover the whole cost but it’s better than being out of pocket for the full amount. I’m thankful for overall good health. By the time most of us reach mid-life there are medical issues to throw us but gratefully I have little to no real concerns on my plate. God is so good, truly He is! It’s nice meeting you and I hope you have a joyful week ahead!

    • Praise God for His provision – So thankful He’s got the long plan! Yes! God is good! So nice to meet you, too, Cathy!!! Have a joyful week! Shalom! ~ Maryleigh

  3. God has blessed me so with a sweet group of sisters who pray for one another. We met on Mondays before the quarantine, but have been Zoom conferencing since and then a few weeks ago, began porch sitting on one another’s porches keeping our distance (and trying to remember NOT to hug!). I am blessed that God has kept me and the others well. I just feel so covered these days! I may be alone at home, but I am never alone. And I feel that so strongly.

    @ Being Woven – No Words Fell …

    • Linda, it is beautiful how God fills the empty spaces and never leaves us alone! I’m so glad He provided you with a group of sweet sisters! God is so good – even in the hard! Shalom to your weekend! ~ Maryleigh

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